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Realization of One Health

​The idea that the health of people, animals and the environment all interact with each other. By improving the relationship between humans and animals, we aim to create a bright society and promote the health of people, animals, towns, and all.

Realization of Diversity

We aim to realize a society where diversity can be recognized by not only the popular dog breeds from pet stores but also hybrids and dogs with various backgrounds coloring the town.


2022. 4

Introducing our service at NHK "Good Morning Japan"

2022. 4

Representative interview posted on Sankei Biz

2022. 2

Started po-working service at BLINK Roppongi

2021. 8

Asahi Kasei Group Accelerator Program LIFE CO-LAB adopted

2020. 12

​Established Buddies Co., Ltd.

2020. 11

Advance to semi-finalists at Tokyo Startup Gateway 2020

2020. 1

WeWork event "Animal Night" at the pet nutrition course / pet industry pitch

2019. 8

Sponsored by Startup Hub Tokyo (sponsored by United Airlines and TOPPAN) "Global Inovation College" championship, selected as an overseas curriculum member


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Carna Terada


Graduated from the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tokyo

Veterinarian / Lecturer of vet nutritional science

Veterinary Volunteer in Thailand / Vietnam

Research Fellow at Uganda National Institute of Genetic Resources


Born in Osaka. Grew up with my sister (rescue dog) and was surrounded by many animals such as squirrels.

Introduction Article
You can read my self-introduction article and veterinary tips on note.

Click here for note »

Introduction Video
Animal Handling Business Registration
Corporate name Buddies Co., Ltd.
Address 2-14 Nishikata, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Lending / exhibition by industry
Registration No. 20 Tokyo Rental No. 007016 (rental) | 20 Tokyo Exhibition No. 00716 (Exhibition)
Registration date / Registration expiration date R3.3.26 − R8.3.25
Animal handling manager name Kanae Terada

* Re-acquired by changing registration information after lending / exhibiting business registration on R2.12.18

Do you know? About Rescue Dogs

In Japan, more than 100,000 dogs and cats get euthanized annually by health centers and black market.


Rescue dogs are dogs that have been rescued from shelters and animal holders and are looking for new places to live.



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