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Make Your Work More Enjoyable
at Paw-working

Recommended to 

People who would like to work while interacting with dogs

People who are tired and need the healing power of dogs

People who want to increase the productivity of work

People who want to learn more about and support rescue dogs


Buddies' Safety Measures

Safety measures for dogs

  • Proper health care and training of dogs

  • Stress checking of dogs

  • Selection of the delivery place according to the character of the dog

  • Securing the resting time and fulfilling holidays for dogs

  • Settling meetings and lectures for users before the delivery

  • Checking and improving the environment of the facilities before the delivery

  • Attendance of the Buddies staff as a chaperon during the service

Safety measures for humans

  • Confirmation of the absence of attendees with dog allergies and the permission of the facilities to bring dogs

  • Proper health care and training of dogs

  • Conduct lectures for users before the delivery

  • Attendance of the Buddies staff as a chaperon during the service

How to Start


Book a drop-in or register as a subscription member


​After registering as a LINE friend , get points for visiting the store from the QR code.


​Read the must-read page for the PDF text you receive


Interact with Buddie dogs as you like while working

Subscription members enjoy a walk with their favorite dog at any time


  • 犬とはたらくポーワーク体験の単発利用プラン Drop-in plan for co-work experience w/ dogs

    Thu, Fri

    5 時間

    3,200 Japanese yen
  • バディドッグとのんびりカフェ体験D Drop-in plan for chilling with rescue dogs

    Thu, Fri

    1 時間

    1,000 Japanese yen

Happy Customers


When working from home, the break time is only for smartphones, and the number of steps per day can be less than 50.

At Paw-work, you can take a walk and be healed by touching the doggy, so I can be more productive and healthy!


Even if I want a dog at home, I can't, but I'm glad that I can touch the dog here and it's also helping the rescue dogs!


When I go home, I often remember that the dog who was shy at first, gradually opened up her heart and now she runs over to greet me.

Do you know? About Rescue Dogs

In Japan, more than 100,000 dogs and cats get euthanized annually by health centers and black market. 


Rescue dogs are dogs that have been rescued from shelters and animal holders and are looking for new places to live.



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