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Dispatch Buddie Dogs to Facilities and Offices

Expected Effects for Facilities and Offices

Health care effects from dogs

Strengthen team building

CSR/SDGs activities


Dispatch to the facility


Application form
Fill in the required items


Meeting on safety confirmation at the facility


Staff will deliver the Buddie Dog at the reserved time


Take a pre-lecture (about 20 minutes)


Enjoy with Buddie Dogs until the end of dispatch time

* We have enhanced follow-ups such as lectures by veterinarians, so even beginners to dogs can use it with confidence.

** You can use the dispatch service at any time and in any scene. There are endless ways to enjoy with buddy dogs!

Buddies' Safety Measures

Safety measures for dogs

  • Proper health care and training of dogs

  • Stress checking of dogs

  • Selection of the delivery place according to the character of the dog

  • Securing the resting time and fulfilling holidays for dogs

  • Settling meetings and lectures for users before the delivery

  • Checking and improving the environment of the facilities before the delivery

  • Attendance of the Buddies staff as a chaperon during the service

Safety measures for humans

  • Confirmation of the absence of attendees with dog allergies and the permission of the facilities to bring dogs

  • Proper health care and training of dogs

  • Conduct lectures for users before the delivery

  • Attendance of the Buddies staff as a chaperon during the service

Happy Customers


Education consulting company

Through interaction with the Buddie dogs, even the amount of communication with colleagues increased, and the office environment, which tends to be stressful, was eased.


Life style related companies

I was surprised how quiet all the doggy were. I was healed even by seeing the dogs walking around in my office!


Welfare facility

All the dogs are kind, so I was able to treat them with peace of mind. I was really happy to be able to interact with them while I had given up that I had no chance to interact with them because of my age.

Do you know? About Rescue Dogs

In Japan, more than 100,000 dogs and cats get euthanized annually by health centers and black market.


Rescue dogs are dogs that have been rescued from shelters and animal holders and are looking for new places to live.



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